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  • Stamping metal non-metal processing-01

  • 昌平沖壓加工

Various metal and non-metal stamping products (PVC stamping gaskets, NYLON stamping gaskets, red and black fiber cardboard stamping gaskets... and other materialsStamping Partsmanufacturing and processing), various gasket processing, automotive gaskets, mechanical gaskets, stamped toothed gaskets,  Professional customization of various stamping products
Quality certification: ISO 9001 /    IATF 16949 certified,  With precision stamping and mold development, one-stop design and manufacture, high precision, fast and stable delivery!

Imported from Japan, red and black fiber cardboard material is stamped and formed gasket, which is commonly used in the automotive industry.
NYLON PVC Stamped Formed Gaskets

Material selection: Metal Stamping Material:   Mastering the characteristics of deep drawing, selection of functional materials such as leakage prevention, heat absorption and shock absorption, thickness of thin plate 0.005-0.3 MM, steel material, stainless steel, red copper material,
                Non-metallic materials:    Various materials such as rubber, paper, NYLON, PE, etc., the manufacturing quality is affirmed by the manufacturer industry.

Professional stamping, parts forming processing manufacturer
heat treatment leveling technologyand cooperatedouble side grindingImprove Stamping Parts product accuracy.
A variety of small-scale production modes are acceptable to meet the diverse needs of customers through process monitoring and management.

Professional customized Stamping Parts processing, Shulin stamping factory, Taipei stamping factory, welcome ODM/OEM  
The product is commissioned to manufacture and process according to the customer's drawing design

Sales method: manufacture, export
Export trade terms: FOB port of shipment free on board
Sales target market: Taiwan
Inquiry payment method: TT wire transfer, Check check

Competitive Features
Excellent quality: stamping process for paper fiber and metal stamping manufacturing
Fast delivery: production capacity 100,000, expected delivery time 15
Accept unique design or logo: accept special design or LOGO
Stamping processing accepts OEM commissioned by the original factory

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Email: chonping@ms39.hinet.net 
Tel: +886-2-26896007
Fax: +886-2-26894554
Company Address: No. 280, Junxing Street, Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
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